Reviews: My Secret Boston – A Night at Vinny’s

Hidden by curtains in the back of a well-stocked Italian grocery store and deli, Vinny’s at Night is worth the hunt. Everything is made from scratch, including exotic options such as rabbit, tripe, and ostrich. And while you can’t go wrong with the Italian standards, the specialties are just that—very, very special—including the homemade sausage, lamb osso bucco, and double-cut pork chops. It’s all served in a small but homey setting on red-checkered tablecloths with a wide selection of Chiantis and a full bar populated by chatty regulars. (How did they fit all this in here?) The symbol of Sicily hangs on the wall, letting you know you’re getting the real deal. Another secret: You can grab the same great food to go from the deli in the store.

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